Custom Spell Bottle


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Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks
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» I shine vibrantly unique. «

Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful and special. I will create a personalized spell bottle to manifest the energies you want to bring to your life! Maybe you want to connect with a certain God/Goddess, be more motivated, bring wealth to your life, or enhance your psychic abilities; the possibilities are rich in variation.

I will carefully choose 7-10 ingredients (herbs, flowers, resin, woods, spices, crystals) according to their properties and associations. You will receive a complete list of all ingredients and their properties with your order, as well as a copy of your custom sigil.

This offer includes a spell that I’ll cast especially for you, which involves the creation of a personal sigil. The sigil is enclosed at the heart of your spell bottle. Please note: My sigils are based on a specific affirmation fitting the intention of each item. They are written in the third-person, meaning it will include a name. If you don’t specify otherwise, I will use the first name of your shipping address. Please reach out about nicknames, pronouns and if your order is meant for someone else.

Since custom spell bottles will be made to order especially for you, please allow 1-2 weeks for me to design, create and ship it. 

Please include the following information:

  • Which purpose shall your custom spell bottle serve (e.g. spiritual growth, motivation, abundance, attract love, etc.)?
  • Are there ingredients I should avoid?
  • Do you have any preferences in color(s) and/or crystal(s)?

Approximate size: 7.5 x 2 cm / 3 x 0.75 in, 20 ml / 0.7 fl oz

Each spell bottle has a cork top glued in place to prevent spills and is sealed with wax. They are not meant to be opened.

This listing is for one spell bottle only, other items not included.

How to use

  • Place your spell bottle in a location that is meaningful in terms of its purpose, for example on your altar, next to your bed, at the door of your home, etc.
  • Carry your spell bottle with you and let it support you throughout the day, but keep in mind that it is breakable!


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